Issue: My full-line engine management supplier has limited import coverage.

Solution: OEM was founded by pioneers of the import parts industry and has one of the most comprehensive and proven programs that is addressing the rapid growth of import vehicles on the road today.

Issue: My customers complain that our parts don't match what comes off the car.

Solution: At the center of the OEM program is a world class Product Development as well as Research and Development divisions that ensure the customer will not only receive the highest quality and hard to find premium components, but the customer will receive parts that match what's taken off the car in terms of fit, form and function - every time.

Issue: My air filter supplier does not seem to keep the line up to date with new applications.

Solution: OEM air filter coverage is second to none, keeping up with the latest applications is a primary focus of the Product Development as well as Research and Development teams with decades of experience and renowned industry relationship with manufactures around the world.

Issue: I see better prices out there, but I'm locked into a part number system that inhibits buying outside my line possible.

Solution: OEM can accept orders under your current supplier's number AND reference those numbers on the boxes. This give you the ability to incorporate any OEM products whenever and wherever you choose.

Issue: The order-fill rate from my current supplier is not acceptable.

Solution: OEM's order-fill rate is unsurpassed, since, the customer experience is our number one priority, we strive to maintain our target fill rate at 97%.

Issue: It would be nice to have a super-premium line that was more competitive than the other national premium brands.

Solution: OEM's ULTIMATE line of distributor caps and rotors that are Engineered for Performance truly raise the bar for all premium lines with superior quality, coverage, performance, and price.