OEM import and domestic distributor caps are manufactured to exact O.E.M. specification to ensure proper fit and function. Additionally, they offer the following high-performance features:
  • Polypropylene, PBT, or Thermoset molding material for maximum dielectric strength and resistance to carbon-tracking.
  • Brass, aluminum, stainless, or tin-plated terminals and inserts for superior conductivity and performance.
  • RFI resistors where specified by O.E.M. to eliminate radio static and potential ECU-damaging voltage spikes.
  • Vent-holes/vent-caps as utilized on O.E.M. units.
  • Molded-on firing order as specified by O.E.M.

Units are molded with high temperature and high die-electric plastics. Brass terminals on certain models surpass corrosion prone OEM aluminum terminals in long term testing.