Manufactured to look and fit like the O.E.M. unit, OEM import and domestic rotors are constructed from these high-performance materials:
  • Polypropylene, PBT, Moplen, or Thermoset molding material on rotor body for maximum dielectric strength.
  • Brass, stainless, or nickel-plated steel rotor vanes and shaft bushings for excellent conductivity and long wear.
  • O.E.M.-style shaft-retention clips where required for positive rotor-to-shaft retention.
  • R.P.M.-limiter where specified by O.E.M. to protect engine overrevving.
  • RFI resistor where specified by O.E.M. to eliminate radio static.

Units are molded with high temperature and high die-electric plastics. Brass terminals on certain models surpass corrosion prone OEM aluminum terminals in long term testing.