Mexico Catalog

OEM is proud to announce the release of its 2014 Ignition Catalog tailored to the Mexican market. OEM's has included Mexico-only applications and the most popular ignition caps, rotors, modules, coils, and coil boots. OEM has included comprehensive application coverage by make, model, and year range and engine size.

Moreover, OEM's catalog includes a complete image guide and interchanges, all featured in Spanish.


OEM releases new 2012 Engine Management Catalog

OEM is proud to announce the release of its 2012 Engine Management Catalog. This year, OEM's catalog can be easily identified by its new graphite background color and improved logo.

OEM's 2012 Engine Management catalog has expanded its line from the previous catalog with over 400 new part numbers including Fuel Pressure Regulators, Blower Motor Resistors, Ignition Coil Boots, Ignition Coils, Idle Air Control Valves, Pigtails, Sensors (cam/crank, speed, knock, map), Switches (turn signal, oil pressure, stoplight, headlight, power window), Starter Solenoids and Relays.

OEM's Catalog features a comprehensive application guide on import and domestic vehicles from 1985 through 2012, a broad competitor interchange and interesting sell sheets inserts within its 1316 pages.

Catalog data included in the 2012 catalog and pre-85 applications can be found at, EPICOR, and Wrenchead. Please let us know if you want us to include you in our data delivery cycle.


Download our new BODY SYSTEMS sell sheet. It includes many switches, Blower Motor Resistors, relays, and various pigtails.

OEM releases new Cabin Air Filter Catalog

OEM has just released its brand new Cabin Air Filter catalog. OEM's Cabin filter catalog is the most complete of the market featuring applications listings, specific locations, labor time, instruction sheets, images and cross references. Request your catalog today!!!

Design Improvement for GM Vortec Distributor Cap

OEM has made several design and construction changes using carefully selected materials in order to offer our customers the best combination of performance, longevity and value. The most significant difference is the change to using 30% Glass reinforced polyethylene (or PET) for molding of the cap itself. This material which is more commonly known by its trade name of DuPont Rynite offers far superior dielectric strength (better insulator to stop electrical arcing) and does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere as readily as PBT, the old material used. (Many of our competitors are still using this material in their caps). Secondly, OEM has made actual dimensional changes to add insulation around key failure points on the vehicle manufacturers design. The visibly thicker insulation around the contacts on the underside of the cap is a visible change you can show to installers in a key failure area. Last, OEM is keeping the Aluminum contacts because it offers superior resistance to corrosion OVER Brass in this very unique case. Please check out OEM's Technical info/ bulletin "PB5" to get more information.

NEW Blower Motor Resistors Line!!!

OEM is pleased to announce its new line of blower motor resistors! In our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with a complete line of vehicle repair solutions we are constantly adding new part numbers and new product categories. Our blower motor resistors line contains a wide selection of both domestic and import applications. With 30 part numbers vehicles manufactured from 1976 to current late model platforms are supported. Furthermore our blower motor resistors are produced in independently certified ISO/QS certified manufacturing facilities, insuring quality, fit and function every time.

Ignition Coil Boot Program "LATEST CHANGE"

After listening our customer's inputs, we have decided to change the boot quantities on our Ignition Coil Boot program. All Ignition Coil Boots will be single packed, but ICB2 which will remain with 4 boots per pack. We hope this change will simplify the ordering process avoiding multiple part numbers depending on boot quantities. Please let us know how we can continue adding more cost effective and time efficient solutions to your business!

Get to Know our Products!!!

Please take advantage and get to know our products better. We have created a product information sheet for customers to better understand our numerical system and each product features and benefits. Download of our new product information sheet in PDF format located in Product Information August 2010.

How did we make our award-winning online catalog even better?


OEM has once again upgraded our award-winning online catalog!!! Continuing its partnership with Vertical Development, the leading provider of online catalog software, OEM has improved its online catalog using VDI's "show me the parts" catalog online format, Online catalog will be offered under same OEM's web site: beginning June 30th.

OEM's new online catalog will offer users enhanced features such as instruction sheets, MSDS, Product Bulletins ect..available right from the part number search. Also, OEM's new online catalog will contain many non ACES applications, so extended coverage on all our product lines will be accessible. In addition, sorting options on the catalog data will be available and flexible to change per the user. Keep up with OEM News for more updates!!!

OEM marketing tools are just a click away!!!


Did you know that OEM's website offers many Marketing and product information under the Marketing tab that can be downloaded in PDF format, available in Spanish? Some of the most recent documents added are: Blower Motor Resistor buyer's guide, Coil Boot to ignition coil interchange, Universal products, Vacuum Advance interchange / Image guide, and the latest Cabin Air Filter buyer's / Image guide.

OEM releases new Engine Management Catalog and Filter Catalog

In an effort to better assist and inform customers, OEM has just released two new printed catalogs. The Engine Management catalog features a complete listing of applications in the categories of ignition and engine management. The Filter catalog includes a complete listing of oil, air, fuel and cabin air filters. For those who prefer to go paperless, OEM is proud to offer its award-winning CD or online catalog. Request your catalogs today!

Best Catalog and Best Website Award

OEM Wins the AIA Awards for Best New Catalog and Best Web Site Presentation

Best Catalog and Best Website Award Every year AIA, Auto International Association, recognizes manufacturers for excellence in products and marketing programs for import cars and trucks.

This year only seven aftermarket companies were recognized in the 20th annual Auto International Association awards program.

OEM is proud to be an AIA award recipient for not one, but two of the award categories:

-2008 Best Web Site Presentation of a Product Line for Import Cars or Trucks
-2008 Best New Catalog of a Product Line for Import Cars or Trucks

New line of (spin-on Oil filters) released

Did you know that with 34 spin- on oil filters in our line, we cover over 94% of the most popular cars and trucks on the road today? Manufactured in QS and ISO Certified Production facilities. The most competitive pricing on a high-quality Oil Filter line available today.

New line of (spin oil filters) released under OEM site

Expanded Packaging Facility

OEM has just completed an addition to our packaging facility which doubles our capacity. This move was a reaction to increased market demands.

Visit us at AAPEX Las Vegas-- Booth #9210-9211!


Couldn't be easier to find products, interchanges, images, applications you are looking for through the most up to date online catalog; updated every month!!!. For those who don't like navigating the web, we offer electronic catalog on CD format that we'll provide upon request.

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