Manufactured to match O.E.performance by our QS9001 factories, Original Engine Management air filters feature O.E.M. quality at competitive prices. Original Engine Management offers a complete line for both import and domestic applications which feature the following:
  • High-temperature Urethane and Plastisol Seals to resist warping due to under hood temperatures.
  • Injection Molded Plastics and Seals for Original Equipment Filter fit.
  • O.E.-quality pleated paper elements for superior filtration and extended service life.

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The cabin air filter is an innovation designed to protect the occupants of a vehicle from dust, pollen and other airborne particles and, in some cases, even from odors entering the vehicle. They are typically a pleated-media filter that is placed in the outside-air intake for the vehicle's passenger compartment. Some of these filters are rectangular and similar in shape to the engine air intake filter. Many times they are uniquely shaped to fit the available space of particular vehicles' HVAC system. Being a relatively recent addition to automobile equipment, this filter is often overlooked. Clogged or dirty cabin air filters can significantly reduce airflow from the cabin vents, reduce the effectiveness of the defrost/defogging functions, as well as introduce allergens into the cabin air stream.

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Original Engine Management stocks a comprehensive line of import and domestic fuel filters for fuel-injected applications. Many of these units utilize steel-alloy housings, all use high-performance filtration element assemblies, O.E.-style connectors and are manufactured to meet O.E. requirements.

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Manufactured from only the highest-grade materials, Original Engine Management PCV valves are strictly engineered to meet the manufacturer's specification in terms of fitment and flow-rate.

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Oil filter are a vehicles first line of defense from contamination that has entered the engine. Original Engine Management has offered a small line of oil filters, spin on and cartridge styles, for many years. In 2007, we introduced an expanded selection of spin-on style filter that covers over 85% of the vehicle population. We also continue to expand the number of cartridge style filters for the import and newer domestic vehicles as they are brought to the market.

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